Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NRV10 Update - You CAN dasiy-chain the NRV10 with the Firewire 410!!!

I LOVE Firewire!

I updated the driver on my desktop to play with the NRV10. Apparently there is now only one "family" driver for M-Audio firewire products.

I didn't feel like disconnecting my FW410 to plug in the NRV10, so I used the spare port on the FW410. Upon rebooting, my computer ran it's updates, and could see both the FW410 and the NRV10.

I fired up Acid, and set up a couple audio tracks. Acid not only saw both devices, but let me run inputs from different devices at the same time.

Now this might not seem like a huge deal. You've always been able to daisy-chain firewire devices, but usually that means hooking up an external hard drive to your external soundcard. As far as I knew, very few sound cards could be daisy-chained to show up as a single multi-input device. Those devices usually had to match as well, as they would have to use the same driver. M-Audio's firewire "family" driver marks the first time, that I know of, where two different devices can be linked and used as one big interface. This is something that can ONLY be done over Firewire, as USB can't share resources like this.

MAudio NRV10 Analog Mixer and Firewire Audio Interface

What do you even call that? Asymmetrical audio interface daisy chaining?

I don't know, but between the FW410 and the NRV10 I now have 12 routable inputs (10 analog 2 stereo mix down), 2 digital inputs, 10 analog outs (18 software routable outs), and 2 digital outs all in a fairly compact set up.

I'm stoked!

M-Audio FireWire 410 4-In / 10-Out FireWire Mobile Recording Interface

And if you want to see more shots of the NRV10, you can click here for my un-boxing post!


  1. So which is plugged into your computer? the 410 or nrv?

  2. Well now that I have a zoom h4n, there's little need for me to take the 410 on the road, so I usually gig with the H4n or the NRV.
    Plus the 410 has EIGHT analog outs, so makes it much better for routing my surround sound speakers.
    Whenever I need a CRAZY number of outputs I connect the NRV to the 410, but usually the 410 stays semi-permanently connected to my desktop.