Monday, March 24, 2008

MONSTER POST - AudioGuy got an NRV10 - Lots of Pictures!

MAudio NRV10 Analog Mixer and Firewire Audio Interface


So I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and emails regarding my call for help. I needed a new mixer, and I was trying to decide between the NRV10 and the Zed-14. I ultimately decided against the Zed-14 when I found out the USB port only carried buses not individual inputs. That clinched it. I put in my order for the NRV10, and it just showed up today.


I took a bunch of pictures of the unboxing and first setup, so prepare for geek-pr0n!

Biggelow helped inspect the packing:

Huh? A box, within a box, within a box...

There. That's better:

Biggs momentarily gets bored and re-inspects packing:

He then realizes there's more to sniff:

The outer box:

Biggs checks out the innards:

Finally the NRV10!

And profile:

"Hmmmm smells good"

Behold the NRV10!

The NRV10 by my old Behringer (I never throw anything away):

Back Panel:

Plugging in some mics!

Soundforge is ready:

That's a lot of audio!

Biggs tuckered out from all the excitement:

OK, so first impressions.

I love this thing!

Setup has been the easiest I've ever had with any M-Audio kit. M-Audio drivers are "IN"-famous for being a little twitchy. I went and downloaded the newest from the web (not even bothering with the CD), and my laptop recognized the mixer without a hitch. Soundforge and Audition instantly knew what to do with the machine, and so far the only program giving me grief is Pro Tools, which refuses to see more than 4 channels. That's really obnoxious, as PT compatibility was a main buying point for me. Watchagunnado, a day without a Pro Tools annoyance...

Firewire is a perfect data transfer protocol. My laptop is OLD (1.8GHz P4, 768MB RAM), but it had no issues simultaneously recording 5 mono tracks and a Stereo Main mix-down @ 24/96. I can't wait to seriously light this thing up.

Build quality feels solid. Metal casing, the faders feel tight (really tight), but the knobs are all a little too loose for my taste. If you're really working a mix, a careless gesture could flip a couple knobs around (especially as placement is really close, it is a portable mixer).

The only thing I really don't like about the mixer's layout is how it vents. Rather than have any airflow come out the back of the mixer (see above for the back panel shot), heat comes out the bottom of the mixer. The bottom. What the mixer rests on. There are some stubby feet, but they wont guarantee a lot of clearance. Heat kills electronics, so if you aren't going to mount this puppy, you might want to throw a book under the back feet to aid in cooling.

In all, I'm very happy with this mixer, and am looking forward to really putting it through its paces. Maybe some Shakespeare? Hmmmm...

Thanks again to everyone that helped me make up my mind through comments and emails!

MAudio NRV10 Analog Mixer and Firewire Audio Interface


  1. Some Audio Guy,

    Thanks for the detailed post. Looks fabulous.

    Be well,

  2. Of course Bob!
    I got a lot of help on making this decision. Least I could do was write about it!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Looks just great...I love M-Audio stuff!! Great helper you have ther too

  4. He's very involved isn't he!
    Thanks Bry!

  5. Some Audio Guy:
    Great news! New stuff looks great...I like your helpful 'production assistant'!

  6. Thanks Donna! I'm pretty stoked.

    He's pretty much the best assistant you could ask for. He can't make coffee, make lunch, take calls, run cables, monitor sessions, or anything like that, but he keeps me in shape and guards the house!

  7. Hahahahaha, nice assistant!

    S.A.G. greetings from Bogota, Colombia!

    By the way, I visit your blog almost on a weekly basis... it's been very helpful!

    Maybe you can help me with this: I use a Firewire solo interface with my Neumann TLM-103 mic, but now I'm looking for a small mixer to plug some other stuff. Should I use a digital mixer like this (or cheaper) with built-in preamp or maybe a Behringer or something like that and still using my FS as a preamp?. Don't know what to do :(

    Thanks and congratulations on your blog Some Audio Guy!