Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is AFTRA doing away with actor's residuals?

Sent in from my friend David, SagWatchDog.com is posting contracts, which prove that AFTRA will be cutting residuals from up coming negotiations with studios.

If you don�t believe AFTRA�s current leadership doesn�t want you see these contracts, let me exhibit a letter and contract that AFTRA sent me after considerable pressure on my part.

It is the �It�s a Laugh Productions, Inc.� agreement between Disney and AFTRA leadership. As, you read it, remember it sacrifices actors livelihood to a company that reported annual revenue of *money THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS--a significant amount that Disney credited, in the press, to such highly successful AFTRA cable shows like Hannah Montana and others.

You�ll notice the use of intimidation in the letter to persuade me to NOT reveal the contracts content to you. Sorry, guys, it ain�t gonna work on the Ol� Dog.

You can read the rest of the post, and see copies of these contracts here.

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  1. Come on...the "sagwatchdog" (Arlin Miller)has never seen the inside of an audition room. This contract is THREE YEARS OLD. It - and other basic cable contracts like it - has NOTHING to do with the current negotiations.


  2. Appreciated Tom.
    I have to say though, that I think that while the tone of the post is intended to be incendiary, that the point is more in line with a consistency of behavior on AFTRA's part. A mentality of "must use AFTRA contracts at all costs". Boiling down contract and negotiation points to encourage the use of their contracts over SAG contracts, usually to the detriment of the actors involved.

    I've blabbed about it before, but I think the video game negotiations are a perfect example of these two guilds and their race to the bottom.