Thursday, January 3, 2008

Audacity Development for the Mac - A Call for Help?

Recently I posted on Audacity's update to 1.3.4, well I didn't notice at the time, but that update was for Linux and Windows only (the two OS's I primarily use at home) not OSX. Apparently OSX has STILL not received the update as there are no Mac users working on Audacity anymore.

TUAW links to the Audacity forums, where recently a call for developer help just went out. I was happy to see that it was answered pretty quickly on both the forum AND TUAW. With that I thought I would second the call, help put out the word, as Audacity is a fantastic audio editor, and it's never good to let a platform lag too far behind. To my knowledge it's still the only Open Editor that plays across all three major PC platforms.

I still find it odd though, that with the Mac becoming a more and more attractive solution (thanks Vista), and has always been known as a "creative friendly" platform, that there isn't more development of this kind of software.

I don't normally write about this (I only made it through one semester of CS), but if anyone out there develops for Mac, and has some time to throw in for a GREAT piece of software, I'm sure it would be appreciated!


Audacity Forum

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