Thursday, November 15, 2007

Audacity Updated to 1.3.4

Your favorite free audio editor is now a tenth of a tenth of a point better!

Just recently updated to 1.3.4, I'm seeing some nice improvements. Switches like solo and mute seem to work smarter (and you can no longer jam the program up by muting and solo-ing a track at the same time). You can now add meta-data to files other than MP3, and a few of the plugins have gotten decent updates (I can't remember if 1.3.3 had a "gverb" but it's a really decent reverb/room shaping plugin).

My only complaints are:
**You still can't record to the same track over multiple takes. Every time you stop recording and start again it opens a new audio track, so you can't ever go back to review and re-record without having to cut and paste a file back together.

**Also, I still hate the "Preview" feature. You only get 2 seconds to hear if you like a change, and that's SO not enough if you're doing a lot of editing. You end up just rendering the edit, listening, and rolling back the edit if you don't like it. The preview feature has always been a waste of time in Audacity.

**Lastly, there's still no decent marker. I know you can hit CRTL-M (or remap it to something else), but the way it forces you to name the marker, and the fact that the marker isn't a part of the audio file itself (it becomes a new "track" just for markers) makes for an awkward and cluttered work environment.

<----Click pic to see what I mean.

All in all, it's an awesome package that totally rivals (and in some ways surpasses) programs like Sound Forge XP (about $80), but it's totally free! CLICK HERE to download and see the full list of updates from 1.3.3!


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