Saturday, June 7, 2008

Voice Acting in Video Games is Becoming MORE Important, Not Less - Zero Punctuation Edition

Yahtzee has become my favorite video game reviewer.

The rapid fire speech, silly cut out animation, and the often brutal opinions, make him a refreshing change of pace from other reviewers who tend to work for outlets which are supported by video game advertising dollars.

Heaven forbid we get an honest opinion out of someone in this information age, right?

The accent doesn't hurt either...

We all know this has been a big deal for me. Performance capture will become more and more important as we cross through this uncanny valley that we're in right now, and quality performance has been championed by others as well, like Adam Sessler.

This review doesn't hinge on voice acting. But in a game as HUGE as Oblivion (estimated to have HUNDREDS of hours of game play), keeping the player engaged is crucial. Having a limited number of performers, with poor writing, and poorly directed performance, makes this immersion SO much harder.

Gamers ARE paying attention to this, and Yahtzee nails it!

Here's his review. It's funny (savage and savvy), and I agree wholeheartedly.
Portions (as always with Yahtzee) might be inappropriate for younger viewers or NSFW.


  1. Young people what lol great video love the end movie trailer

  2. Totally J!
    Yahtzee is the best.

    I have to say, I might be a little interested in the movie being advertised at the end of the clip as well...