Saturday, June 7, 2008

Voice Over is Becoming the Family Business - Politics Edition

It's my Uncle Tony!

If you live in California's 71st Assembly District (Riverside and Orange County), you might (or already may have) receive a call from Tony Bedolla supporting Neil Blais for Assembly. Now Blais IS a Republican, but I wont hold that against Tony, LOL.

Take a listen:

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Not bad at all! Professional, concise, clear, I wonder if I could get Tony into radio instead of stumping for a GOP Assemblyman. Hmmmm....

Oh wooops! My Liberal is showing!


Here's more info on my Uncle, Tony Bedolla. I'm really proud of him!

Tony Bedolla
Alternate Safety Board Member

Term: 04/22/2008 - 12/31/2009

Tony Bedolla was certified to serve as Alternate Safety Member by the Orange County Board of Supervisors on April 22, 2008. He brings a wealth of experience to his new position as a member of the Board of Retirement.

Tony has served as a firefighter with the Orange County Fire Authority since 1991. He is currently assigned to a paramedic engine company protecting the citizens of Villa Park.

In 2001, Tony was elected to the Board of Directors for the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association. His current responsibilities with the organization include that of Director of Government Affairs and Recording Secretary.

In addition, Tony has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Southern California. Before coming to the Orange County Fire Authority, he worked in financial/scheduling capacities for two aerospace companies (Rockwell International and Northrop Corporation) for a total of 11 years.

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