Monday, June 9, 2008

21 Days Left to Sign up for The MTV Engine Engine Room Casting Call - Win Cool HP Gear!

Just got an email from an executive working for MTV in the UK, alerting me to their new "Engine Room" reality show competition.

From Steve in the UK:

Hi there,
I work for MTV in the UK. We're currently recruiting for a new show that will be filmed in New York this summer.
We want talented young sound designers to join us in the Engine Room, a creative space where four teams (Europe, the US, Asia and Latin America) compete for a chance to win a top prize of $400,000US Dollars in cash plus HP gear.
The show films in New York starting 17th of July, and lasts for four weeks. Although it's a reality show, it's also a great chance for new talent to stand out from the crowd - and $400,000 is a decent kick start to any career!
We thought this would be something your readers might be interested in and wanted to ask you to feature it on your blog.
Full details are available at the website - - please let us know if you feature it and don't hesitate to get in touch if you want any more info.

Thanks loads,


You're welcome Steve. I just checked out the site, and it looks pretty intense. The prize list is awesome.

I wonder if there's room for a sound designer in the competition...

Anywho, for more info you can check out the sign up page, or SuChin Pak's Engine Room Blog.


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