Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary Some Audio Guy Blog!

Some Audio Guy is ONE YEAR OLD!
I've been doing this for a year. I'm very impressed with myself.
So as a thank you for all my readers, I just wanted to throw out some fun blog stats!

*March of 2007:
151 visitors
392 page views

*March of 2008:
4,825 visitors
8,808 page views
(so far 2008 has been HUGE for growth - HI NEW READERS!)

*Year to date:
30,201 page views
18,323 visitors
(See, almost a third of all page views in March '08 alone)

*Top Ten Reader Countries:
  1. USA (11k)
  2. UK (1K)
  3. Canada (1K)
  4. Germany (500)
  5. Australia (400)
  6. Sweden (300)
  7. Netherlands (300)
  8. France (250)
  9. Spain (200)
  10. Hungary (200)
*Top Referral Site:

*Top Referrals from a site that's not a search engine or aggregator (like Digg):
The Voiceover Boblog (WOOT! THANKS BOB!)

*Top Ten Stand Alone Posts:
  1. Complete Lyrics to Slaughter Your World
  2. Jurassic Park Turns 15, Looks Better than Most Movies Made Today
  3. John Corbett is the New Voice of Applebees (with video)
  4. Today in Narration Two-fer Sigourney Weaver and Charlie Sheen Edition
  5. Unhelpful Robot Ringtones are now Multi-Format!
  6. And We Shall Mourn its Passing: Cassette Tape Edition
  7. Shrek 3 - It's Just OK
  8. Cingular (AT&T) Waiver Ruled "Unconscionable" by Circuit Court
  9. 3D Sound Illusion: The Barber Shop
  10. The SomeAudioGuy Microphone Shootout!


Thanks SO MUCH to everyone that has helped make this blog a success (you know who you are).

Biggelow, Mrs. Audio Guy, and I are really excited about building this through 2008, so please stick around. I think you'll like what's coming up!
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  1. Happy One Year Anniversary! Here's to many more!!

    And by the way, I do too think you're cool!

  2. Happy Berf-day, Ramblings of Some Audio Guy! =)

  3. LOL!
    Thanks guys!

    (If you couldn't figure it out my Mom and my Sister have become readers. Woot!)