Monday, May 7, 2007

And We Shall Mourn its Passing: Cassette Tape Edition

Curry's in the UK is calling it quits on the cassette tape.

It's done.

I find it odd that I will actually miss the format. My first albums were on tape (I'm just young enough to have missed Vinyl and 8-Track). Crafting mix tapes took some skill. And, I had to want to listen to the music I was collecting, had to have some patience.

On tape, I would only listen to my favorite albums.
On CD, I would only listen to my favorite songs.
On MP3, I only listen to my favorite parts of songs.

From The Telegraph:

"The day of the audio cassette is over, it was announced today by Currys, one of Britain’s biggest retail electrical stores which said it would stop selling blank tapes when existing stocks are exhausted.

Peter Keenan, managing director of Currys, which has more than 500 stores in the UK, expressed nostalgia for the passing of an evocative piece of technology but insisted that the audio cassette had been overtaken by the digital age.

“For today’s MP3 generation, it’s just a few clicks of the mouse to achieve what’s arguably a better outcome,” he maintained."

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