Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is what happens without Net Neutrality! ISPs to BBC: We will throttle iPlayer unless you pay up

This is no longer academic.
This is no longer theoretical.
Without Net Neutrality the ISP's have been given carte blanche to pretty much black mail anyone they want over bandwidth consumption.
We're only just seeing the beginnings now:
"Network neutrality debates aren't theoretical in the UK, where ISPs have banded together to tell the BBC that its iPlayer TV "catch-up" service will destroy their networks. The choice: be throttled or pay up."

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It made me SO angry watching that Ted Stevens video (where he explains to us proles that the internet is a "series of tubes"), and then watching the FTC cave on Neutrality. A lot of businesses are going to be pissed when their bandwidth bills surge.

Do you like online shopping (at major marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay)?
Those sites use a lot of Bandwidth.
Do you like streaming movies and music (Youtube, Netflix, iTunes)?
Those sites use TONS of Bandwidth.

All of these services and many more are going to become substantially more expensive unless Neutrality is protected.

Just for a little levity, here's the Ninja's explanation of Net Neutrality:

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