Monday, August 20, 2007

Shrek The Third The Game: Voice Acting Just OK

Again, very frustrating, I've written about this before. If you'd pay a little more, you'd get a better product, and you could use the voice acting to help sell that product.

"Unfortunately for everyone else, the glaring problems
that reside elsewhere in the game are more than enough to turn off even
the most stalwart of gamers. The first problem you'll notice is the voices.
Normally, the one thing I really enjoy about movie tie-ins is the phenomenal
voice acting, usually provided the actors themselves. However, Shrek
the Third chose a different route by hiring impersonators who
border on grating. The voice acting isn't bad, and most of the actors
deliver their lines well, but they don't quite have the sound-alike factor
down; they're off by just a little bit, but it's enough to remind you
that they're not the original actors. The only shining spot here is Monty
Python alumnus John Cleese, who does not reprise his role of King Harold,
but does provide the narration in between levels with ease and perfect
comedic timing."


Sigh ... Gaming voice production should be getting better by now...

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