Friday, August 3, 2007

Vampire Rain Review: Bad Voice Acting!

Chris McCarver on 411mania has posted a review of Vampire Rain for the XBox 360, and has some choice words for the VO:

"Oh, good God, the voice acting. I call it acting on a technical basis only, because the dialogue and its delivery remind one of a grade-school production of Blade: Trinity. The fact that the script is weighed down with crippling levels of exposition is bad enough. But when you combine it with voice acting this degree of phoned-in, it reaches a whole new level of dreadful. The music is capable enough, but it doesn't move much beyond your typical creepy and morbid low-toned string section that we've heard in nearly every horror game and movie for the past couple decades. The sound effects themselves supply enough of a creepy ambience, but again, nothing new here."

OK, so apparently the sound design is less than stellar. This is frustrating to me. With all the money that goes into these productions, it wouldn't be a bank-breaker to invest just a little more into the actual performances. As the bar for graphics continues to rise, why do we settle for crap performance?

Read the rest of the review here.

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