Friday, August 3, 2007


So for newbies trying to record I try to set up the simplest recording environment I can. I tend not to like USB mics, but lately it's been hard to deny how much less intimidating the simplicity of ONE cable to the computer is.
However, once that is out of the way what to do with the audio entering the computer?

I really like Audacity for beginners. It's not very pretty, but it's pretty easy to learn, and well ... you know ... the price is, uh, pretty good. I charge quite a bit for setup and instruction, but often I find that the client really just needed a little advice, not a full blown instructional session.

So not to undercut my own business, but if you're one of those just needing a little push, I found this great little tutorial on Youtube.

Also, if you want more advanced Audacity goodness, you can go here.


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