Monday, August 20, 2007

Libraries Becoming Source for Video Games?

A story about a Library in Milford MA, I'm not really sure how I feel about this...

We’re constantly thinking about how to get teenagers in to reach
outside the traditional things we do,” Felicia Oti, the director of the
Franklin library, said in the article.

Obviously, it’s a hard notion for some libraries to grasp, being
that books and traditional literature have been the central focus. But
video game consultant Beth Gallaway thinks that all the necessary
elements to place video games alongside literature are there.

“[Critics] aren’t recognizing that video games themselves are
literary,” Gallaway said in the article. “I think in general we need to
stop being format snobs.

Appreciated, and I'm glad to see mixed media branching out. I would much rather see kids hanging out at libraries rather than outside convenience stores. Then you could also guide their selection of content too I guess....


You know the more I think about it, might not be SUCH a bad idea after all...

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