Monday, March 19, 2007


Holy CRAP! What's going on?
NYTimes, Digg, Gizmodo, Consumerist, Blogs, University News sites, They're all going crazy with stories on the RIAA, on a variety of sources, and all (oddly) seem universally against the RIAA.

So weird...

For those of you to lazy to source your own news on the future of how you listen, control, use, and own your media, here's today's rundown.

I don't like Consumerist. I don't at all. I think they get too antagonistic when it comes to apathetic employees working McJobs, instead of fighting where the problems actually come from, but one thing they are really good at is tracking down corporate contact info. Ever want to know who actually heads up the RIAA, and how to contact said individuals. Click on the link below.
Faces of the RIAA @ Consumerist

David Byrne (of the talking heads) was at SXSW, and "making sense" according to the NYTimes. Uhh neat ... I guess ... But seriously, I totally disagree with some of his assessments on artists needing labels (I think they'll be totally broken and vestigial in my lifetime at least), but on the whole it's a pretty good read.
Rocker David Byrne Making Sense at SXSW Fest

This one I don't even have a write up for. Here the RIAA just tries to explain why attacking college students with extortion tactics is good for business, and why they are upset that colleges aren't selling their (customers) students out. A fascinating look at ... well ... the main enemy to media property rights and fair use.
Explaining the Crackdown on Student Downloading

Ok, not directly about the RIAA, but a great blog posting on an actual Pirate (sure capital 'P'). According to the RIAA if you download music from teh intarwebs then you are a "pirate". However, I prefer a more traditional definition of pirate, where one tries to profit from their plundering, and wouldn't you know it, p2p/file sharing is really starting to hurt the people who sell bootlegs. Score a victory point for p2p!
From Torrentfreak:
P2P File-Sharing Ruins Physical Piracy Business

Man that was a lot! And really that's just the tip of the iceberg. There just seems to be a lot discontent with the media market right now. I wonder when people will start doing something about it...
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