Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spots Available for SomeAudioGuy's Microphone Class at The Voicecaster Feb 23

For those of you not in the know, I teach microphone classes and tutorials both one on one, and in groups. In cooperation with The Voicecaster in Burbank, I'm hosting another group shootout February 23rd.

The one day workshop is about half full already, so if you were interested in getting hands on with a variety of mics, this is a fantastic opportunity to see how you sound on gear ranging from $100 to $3000.
Not to mention, being able to try out a variety of different mics like large diaphragm condensers, shotguns, ribbons, dynamics, and USB mics, WHILE being able to pick my brain about whatever home recording questions you might have.

The workshop runs about 4 hours (or until we get sick of hearing our own voices), and I'll supply the cough drops. $250 is the price of admission and everyone gets to leave with copies of their audio.

For more information regarding the workshop or for scheduling and availability please contact The Voicecaster at 818-841-5300 or "Casting@voicecaster.com".

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