Friday, February 8, 2013

Crispin Freeman Interviews ME For The Voice Acting Mastery Podcast!

The last time I wrote about Voice Acting Mastery, it was because Crispin had interviewed living voice over legend Jack Angel.You can't imagine how touched and honored I was when he asked me to participate on his wonderful podcast. I'm in excellent company.

We spent a great afternoon chatting business, casting, and performance, and I'm happy to share this conversation with all of you fine folks.

Voice Acting Mastery ep 041: Part 1
Voice Acting Mastery ep 042: Part 2
Voice Acting Mastery ep 043: Part 3


  1. I swear by Crispin's podcast, and this was easily my favorite of the entire series. Well done! As a voice actor, you insight from the other side of the glass is invaluable!

  2. Excellent information! I'm just starting to get back in the swing of VO and tackling commercial copy for the first time with some private coaching. Very relevant to my study.