Monday, May 2, 2011

Some of my Sound Design in an Android Game?

It's the perpetual struggle to maintain balance.
I want to put stuff out for free, but that means I lose control over it.

I just received a message from someone on Freesound that they had used some of my sound effects in an Android game now in the Android App Market. At first I was flattered, but it always ruffles my feathers a bit to see work pulled from Creative Commons communities so blatantly used in commercial ventures.

It's similar to the problem I had with my narration work being pulled off of Librivox and sold on Amazon, and the blasé attitude towards the members of those groups in regards to the work they put into something getting hijacked for someone else to make a buck.

As it stands now, I rarely upload to these types of services anymore, so since this was an OLD effect I did for a failed animation pilot, I guess I'll just suck it up and be flattered again, that my SFX get to live on in some other capacity...

But couldn't I at least get a credit?

How do you guys find that balance between "social free" and guarding your IP?

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  1. A credit would be nice, but a couple bucks for YOUR work would be even better. It blows me away that because of the ease of recording and sampling, most have zero regard for other people's work. "Oh I found it online, it must be free"....ARGH.