Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SomeAudioGuy Mixing it Up With the Voice Over Work Out Lounge

Just a brief heads up that I'll be guest directing and speaking with the Voice Over Work Out Lounge folks in May!
The VOWOL is run by some great folks. They record at a fabulous studio (Soundelux in Hollywood), and participants get to leave with the audio they record.
I was flattered they asked me to join in, as their list of other guests has included some incredible performers, well known casting directors, and some solid talent agents.
I'll be discussing my experiences working as both a Talent Agency assistant, both director, casting director, and commercial producer, as well as talking about some of the technical challenges facing voice actors today.

If you're in LA and want a good VO work out you really should look them up!


  1. Hey Some Audio Guy! Do you know if anyone recorded the talk that you guys did at the Voice Over Work Out Lounge. I know some budding voice over artists that would really appreciate any tips and advice that were given out during the presentation. It's excellent to have a community of VO's getting together to discuss techniques and swap tips. Thanks!

  2. I'm sorry.
    The whole Q&A was so impromptu that I don't think they had anything set up.
    I guess someone will just have to bug Roy about bringing me back for the next round of the VOWOL...