Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Got to See Chris Cornell at the Belmont in Austin - AKA SXSW is Rad...

I know this is primarily a voice over blog, but I did have a brief flirtation with recording music, and since I'm at SXSW I'm going to share this one with you guys.

Because it was BRILLIANT.

Getting to hang with the Nokia crew here in Austin has been a blast, and I'm enough of a gear head that the Interactive panels and discussion have been super geekery fun, but last night I got a VIP pass to see the very first show of Chris Cornell's acoustic tour.

And it was FANTASTIC.

If you grew up when I did, bands like Soundgarden probably had a significant impact on your music tastes. I never had the opportunity to see them live though, and I always regretted that. When I heard I was going to see him live, solo, and unplugged I actually got a little nervous.

What if he wasn't as good now?

It's really satisfying in this day and age when a performer you admire, sans accoutrement, can not only live up to your expectations, but exceed them. It's rare in this age of editing that someone can genuinely sound better live than they can in a studio album.

According to the Chris Cornell website, his shows for the tour are already sold out, but if there's any way you can sneak in I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Much thanks again to WOMWorld/Nokia for bringing me out to SXSW.

I will be updating tech news on YourTechReport, and I'll be posting on two movie premiers I was able to attend over on Movies You May Have Missed.

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  1. I LOVED Soundgarden back in the day..and love Chris Cornell. That man can sing! Got to see him a few years back-it wasn't an acoustic show, it was him with a band, but it was awesome! I felt the same way, super happy to see him still killin it!