Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Crap! I Got to Meet Rock Photographer Robert Knight!!!

You know that really famous pic of Hendrix burning the guitar?


Of course you do.

That's Robert Knight, and he pretty much single handed-ly created the modern idea of rock and concert photography as we know it today.

While at the SXSW trade show I crashed the Nikon meet up (I shoot Canon, tee-hee), and while there Knight gave a talk on shooting events.

I was pretty twitterpated. Can't lie. I squealed a little...

Many thanks to Tech Blogger Extrordinaire ZOMGitsCJ for schnagging the shot of me with Robert, and if your curious about his work check out Robert Knight's Gallery on the LimeLight Agency site, or you can watch a recent documentary about Knight's work called "Rock Prophecies".

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