Saturday, August 9, 2008

News Sound Bites - Mic Stands, Reverb, Theremin, and MORE!

Some cool stories that caught my eye this week.

Mary McKitrick takes a look at the M600 Universal Microphone Mount, and seems pretty positive on it.

What's that ringing in your ears? It could be reverb, and AudioTuts has an awesome post with FIFTEEN FREE REVERB PLUGINS! Go get your echo on!

So I wasn't so stoked about the Sirius/XM merger, but it looks like we might finally be getting dual format radios compatible with both Sirius AND XM.

So it's a speaker.
And it's round, so you can roll it around, so that's cool.
Does this make a speaker worth $21,000?

I've been constantly trying to find good places to host audio (right now I'm using Humyo). No one really seems that interested in it. Video? Sure bring it on, but free audio not so much. Apparently there have been complaints about the compression used on Youtube, so they'll be improving the audio quality of Youtube videos. Could this be the answer to free media hosting?

And speaking of Youtube, what do you MEAN you've NEVER heard the theme to Super Mario played on a theremin!?!?!

Well here you go:

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