Monday, August 11, 2008

VOICE 2008 Coverage - Friend of Mine on Bob Bergen's Panel

Several places are doing a great job covering the happenings at VOICE 2008.
Bob Souer, Voice Over Xtra, Kara Edwards all have great posts up about the events, but I was super stoked to see a recent post from Dave Courvoisier.
He wrote a killer post about a panel discussion moderated by Bob Bergen, with tons of pictures, and lo and behold, who should I see on the panel, but an old co worker of mine from Abrams Artists.


Back in the day she was manning a desk while I was running the booths, and we used to work together on animation and video game casting. Since, she's become a great agent, and has started building the VO department's presence in Audiobooks and Promo work.

I was so glad to see her on this panel, as she's knocking out some really exciting work!

Congrats A!!!
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