Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A post on Microphones, Sound Cards, and Sound Proofing

Digging through some of the old equipment at one of the casting studios I work at (the oldest voice over casting studio in LA Woot!) I stumbled on a box of old microphones. Most were crap, but tucked away was an original capsule SM56! Had to tinker with the impedance, but got it set up, and it's now enjoying full time use. Near as I can tell, the mic is almost 40 years old!


I love Stumbleupon. It sucks so much of my life away, just stumbling round teh intarwebs.
Caught this Flickr pic from sneeka2 comparing the Firewire410 (my soundcard) to the Mac Mini. I was actually kinda surprised.

Originally uploaded by sneeka2

I've been kinda disappointed in soundcards of late. Besides some of the Mixer/Interface hybrids, there's been depressingly little development. Is there anything you readers are looking forward to? Let me know!


For those of you trying to set up your own recording booths, check out this vid from the Revision3 Gazette, and you can see what they went through to reduce echo in their studios. Now obviously this is reinforcement on an industrial level, but the lessons here are still valid for us closet junkies.

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