Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Zombie '90 - Dubbing so bad it's good?

OK, so we all know I'm a huge sucker for zombie flicks. I love them! They're now pretty much my fave monster movies. Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes intentionally funny, often gross, the premise is just so ridiculous it's hard not to have fun with them.

I got all inspired by a story on zombie origins written up over at IO9, that I felt like watching a zombie movie. I've had a copy of German film Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence, largely known as one of the worst movies ever made zombie or otherwise, kicking around for a while, so I figured now was as good a time as any other.

It's bad. Really bad. It's literally two guys driving around killing zombies, and zombies eating humans. That's about it. English speaking audiences get a rare treat though. The English dub is SO AWFUL it's actually really funny. The casting is bad (big ole black dude voice for skinny white German scientist, WTF?), the recording is bad (mic pops, breathing and mouth noises, no effort to blend sounds, I think it's in mono now that I think about it), and at some point they just give up and let the voice actors come up with witty lines REGARDLESS IF ANY CHARACTERS ON SCREEN ARE SPEAKING!

Across the board this movie is so horrendous ... you might actually enjoy it, if you're into that Mystery Science Theater 3000 kinda thing...

I found a clip on Youtube. Check it out:

Picture courtesy of Zombie Eat Brains.

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