Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vote for your favorite Microphone?

I don't know what oobject is?

I don't much care.

They're currently voting on the top 25 classic/vintage microphones of all time.

That's enough for me...

The Shure 55 is currently leading, but I just put in my vote for the U47! So, yeah, that'll show em! It is crazy to see all the funky futuristic metal shapes mics used to come in. Every now and then we get something fun like a Blue or a Solaris, but most of what I use day to day is just so bloody practical looking...

Check out the vote here at Oobject.

Microphones are a classic gadget because, even today, their design is often based upon Art Deco or Machine Age styling. Here is a chart of vintage and vintage style microphones designed to show how that style evolved and how it is still copied today. Vote for your faves.

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