Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sound Design tips from Create Digital Music


Create Digital Music has some great sound design tips up on their site. What's great is they also include some pictures, so you can see what's involved in getting sounds for media. Pretty funny stuff too.

It's all really crazy, and is some of my favorite recording. We all know the basics, punching a steak for realistic body hits, breaking celery for bone and tissue damage, but I had to come up with some fun ones for my last animation project. Sound effects rule!

Here are just a few.

A slinky and a dollar store toy microphone made great high tension lines and steel cabling.

Slamming a bottle of juice into our apartment's stove became the footsteps of a giant killer robot (and pissed off the neighbors).

Our old ink jet printer/scanner became the motors and servos of the killer robot (think robocop).

And of course there's our in house space alien:
hangin of the edge

Check out Create Digital Music's article for even more great sound design tips!

Thanks D4Dirty!


  1. Thanks Kirk!
    Yup he's my boy, and is surprisingly useful, when he's not stealing the remote!