Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News Sound Bites - there's a lot today...

Gizmodo helps you sing and play drums at the same time in Rock Band. They didn't think of a regular Mic stand though...

Outi earphones are out now for $110. Bone conduction is interesting to me. Without a speaker to blast sound into your ears, these could be better for your ears (unlike earbuds). They just look really uncomfortable...

MusicThing has the scoop on Chimera, a CD sized analog mono synth, with patch points and MIDI. It looks really cool.

Into recycling electronics? Check out Plink Jet! It's a robotic musical instrument made from inkjet printers. They also have movies of the bot in action!

Creative has released the 32GB flash memory Zen. It's an iPod Nano on steroids, featuring 32GB of built in storage, upgradeable storage (with SD memory cards), support for Tivo to Go, and an FM radio. SOunds like the perfect alternative to those not digging the new iPods or Zunes.

One year ago today, Lifehacker helped you digitize your cassette tapes.

Radio Head and Weezer are coming to Rockband.

X-Play names Bioshock game of the year. COD4 wins best shooter and sound design. Oddly no voice acting category...

LA Times has a great write up of the current animation situation. With a lot of production getting shut down because of the wga strike, quite a bit of animation will be untouched, as it's done under an IATSE deal. Check it out.

Dreamworks Animation stock is up, pretty much because of Shrek the Third.

John Barrowman (Dr. Who, Torchwood) will be narrating his autobiography, titled 'Anything Goes'. The audiobook should be out February 2008.

Downloadsquad has the scoop on Voice Thread. It's a compelling web app that gives people the ability to record commentaries for pictures, documents and videos. It's kinda like bringing story telling and oral history to web 2.0.

And lastly (whew) Gamevideos has footage of the Spike VGA's red carpet:

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