Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vote for the New Voice of the NBC Nightly News

...but not really.

Were you not entirely thrilled by the announcement that Michael Douglas was going to be the new voice of the NBC Nightly News?

Well neither was voice actor Peter O'Connell. He runs the AudiO'Connell blog, and he's holding a casting call. Submission time is already up, but you can still vote on which voice you like (I'm voting for Kara Edwards cuz she's awesome).

The winner gets ... nothing ... far as I can tell (this being TOTALLY unofficial), but bragging rights are bragging rights, so go check it out. There are some classic voices up to listen to.

Listen to the nominees.

Vote on your fave.


  1. I'm really greatful for the link and not to be all ME, ME! about it but it's PETER O'Connell :)

    - Peter O'Connell

  2. No, I'm pretty sure it's Patrick...
    I think I read that somewhere, like in a book or something...

    LOL, sorry about that. I fixed it.