Thursday, December 27, 2007

The REBOOT dedicates an entire episode to Game Audio

Hey this is a pretty good show! I've never seen this podcast before, but I think I'll be subscribing. Wonder if I can Miro it? ... hmmm ...

Anywho, a reader sent in this specific episode knowing my about my love of all things audio, and ... they also just happen to be one of the guys interviewed. LOL, I love my readers!

This entire episode of The Reboot is on video game audio, it's development, and evolution into a more cinematic form, so check it out. It's pretty cool.

Thanks David!


  1. Glad you liked the episode! Game Audio is definitely taken for granted.

  2. Totally! I think we've reached a divide where game graphics are starting to creep people out. Like the characters in Mass Effect and Crysis look like dancing cadavers to me. I think the push towards immersive environments will start to take us into more TF2 like places, very stylized. Game audio, sound design , voice acting, will become a more important tool in locking the player in.