Thursday, December 13, 2007

How did I not catch this! Will Arnett the voice of K.I.T.T. ‽‽‽

Seriously people!
How can you all let me miss this stuff???
I had to go to a CAR BLOG to hear about this‽‽‽

Anywho, Jalopnik has the scoop on the new voice of KITT for the resurrected Knight Rider series planned. Of course, because it's a car blog, they're more focused on the fact that the new KITT is a Ford Mustang and not a GM car (the original KITT of course a Firebird). I feel this is missing the point . It's WILL FRIGGIN ARNETT!!!

Seriously, this is really cool. Arnett is a very good voice over performer, and has done a ton of commercial work, not to mention credits in Ratatouille and Ice Age: The Meltdown.

That actually brings up an interesting issue. As Arnett is currently the voice of GMC... ...will there be any fallout over him voicing an autonomous, artificially intelligent, crime fighting Ford?

Read Jalopnik's Post and see pics of the new KITT.

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