Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Video Player for Some Audio Guy!

Hey all!
Just a quick heads up on a few small changes to the blog.
I finally had the opportunity to check out my readership, and you guys have been really good to me. My numbers have doubled again over the last two months, and you guys are reading me on every continent with internet access. I'm looking forward to even more come 2008, as I'll be adding features, podcasts, contests, and hopefully some guest writers so you don't have to "hear" my voice all the time. ;-)

The first of these changes happened last night. I got rid of the audio player at the bottom, and replaced it with a Youtube video crawler. It's set to troll Youtube for videos related to audio, voice acting, and sound design. It also preloads related videos, so you should be able to hit play and watch several videos in a row.

Also, over the next several days, I'll be messing around with the advertising on the site, hopefully getting it to blend in a little better. Ads are sort of a necessary evil these days, but I'm trying to make sure they don't distract too much. I'm also trying to make the ads more specific, so if you do happen to look at them, they'll be for products and services you guys actually care about. No more writing about Mackie mixers and getting ads for Bob Mackie Barbie dolls!

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to drop a comment or email me directly at:

Thanks, and have a great holiday season!

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