Saturday, November 24, 2007

VIDEO: Seth MacFarlane Gives Impassioned Speech About WGA Strike

Well the pic is actually from a speech he gave at Harvard, but close enough right?

This is an interesting video to watch in light of the recent announcement that FOX will be signing off on episodes of Family Guy without MacFarlane's approval as show runner. He's been withholding his show runner duties along with his writing duties, which I can't say I'm in favor of. In the video he mentions studios firing assistants and staff, but that was in direct response to writer/producer/show runners striking on all fronts, not just on their writing duties. Variety has a great write up of THAT situation over HERE.

Anywho, I caught this vid on Digg, so here's the original posting (spelling corrected):
Earlier this month the creator of "Family Guy" and active WGA member Seth MacFarlane gave an impassioned speech at Fox Plaza in Century City in front of 4,000 fellow striking writers guild members in witch he lambasted Fox and other Hollywood studios for not paying the creators of profitable content what they are due.


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