Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Sweetest T-Day Gift of all...

So, Mrs AudioGuy and I decide to hit up some of the Black Friday sales to see if we can find some good gift ideas. On the whole, pickings were kinda slim by the time we hit stores in the evening, though we did encounter plenty of really rude salespeople, so that was a plus.
We were getting tired, and decided to try Chevy's for dinner. It's totally a TGIF-ified Mexican chain restaurant, but some of her co-workers really liked it. Service was a little slow, but it was nice as she and I got a chance to really talk, which we don't ever just get to do anymore.
Anywho, after a long chat about missing home, she has to take a call, and the waitress comes by to see if we want dessert. I jokingly ask if they serve Sopapillas, and she looks at me like I've just said something inappropriate in Martian to her. With a sneer "What is that? Have you had that at some OTHER Mexican place?" I explain it's a New Mexico thing, and that it's no big deal, though I'm oddly disappointed. Maybe she saw that, I don't know, but she makes some off hand comment about checking with the kitchen. I say again that it's REALLY no big deal, but she's already off.
About 10 minutes later I see her conversing with an older gentleman, and she motions to us. He approaches to ask what it was that we had wanted, and he's wearing his stern face. I preface again that it wasn't really a big deal, but asked if they had any sopapillas.
His eyes get super wide, and a grin climbs across his face, and he very emphatically declares that they do indeed have a stash of sopapillas in the kitchen. They're no longer on the menu, but he'll have the kitchen staff whip them up for us.
We're shocked (I know I was almost tearing up).

About 15 minutes later we get the plate. It's fancy, dusted with cinnamon, smothered in honey and whipped cream, center dollop of vanilla bean ice cream, but there they are, four perfect little sopapillas.
The Gentleman checked on us two more times to make sure they had come out ok, and that we were doing alright.

They were delicious!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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