Thursday, November 8, 2007

Beginner Audacity Tutorial, WITH VIDEO!

Yes, an exclamation point in the title!

So, I've put together a little video with some basic tips to improving the sound of home recordings using Audacity.

And here it is:

Basically, we just want to clean up the sound of an audition. As an example, here's a sample of the audio used before cleaning:

And after:

Also, since the streaming vid is a little hard to see whats going on (even when you expand to full screen), I do have a high quality version hosted on divshare, but it's big (180MB) and DivShare is moving DOGSLOW right now.


If anyone has any advice on better file hosting (for CHEAP), please let me know!


  1. Thanks so much for creating and posting this tutorial; very helpful!

  2. try

  3. This was good. Any updates for using the newer version of Audacity (1.3)?

    As you know, the newer version has 3 settings, which makes it trickier.

  4. I'd play around with it. Functionality isn't that different, but it gives you a few extra options for control. Run six different passes with slightly different output settings until you get a feel for it.