Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Remove Vocals From Music. Make Your Own Horrible Karaoke Tracks! FOR FREE!!!

So I've played around with this before. I dont really do much music work, so this hasn't been anything I've invested any serious time into. Though this Youtube tutorial is a great step by step if you want to start cutting music up.

So the general gist of this is, you get Audacity, then if the vocals are in the middle of the stereo spectrum you can cancel them out.
Basically if you have a sound, and you line it up with the exact opposite of that sound, the two will cancel each other out to silence. A lot of music will put the singer in the middle, then pan the instruments either right or left (thats why in stereo the guitar sounds like it's on your right, the bass on the left, etc). Since the music is pushed to the sides it should stay intact, and the singer should cancel itself out. Simple enough concept, but it doesn't always work (especially if effects are used, or an instrument is featured front and center, then the instrument gets canceled out).

Even if it doesn't work though, you can stumble into some unexpectedly cool effects (weird reverbs and ghosting).

Anywho, check it out ... if this is the thing you're into .... you weirdo karaoke person you ...

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