Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Apple Adds iPhone .99 Ringtone to iTunes ... Kinda Lame ...

So this iPhone thing can hold GIGS of music, all available at a flick of a finger, and ringtones still cost .99 EXTRA. If I purchase a song on iTunes, I have to spend twice as much to use a crappy version of the same song as a ringtone.

Why can't this phone use the same audio file?

Why do you need to take up more storage?

Why does it cost extra? It's the same song!

Would I get charged extra if I bought a song and played it really loud on crappy speakers? That's what a ringtone IS!

I'm really frustrated with Windows Mobile right now, but at least I can use WHATever media I want, HOWever I want...

Here's Engadget's write up!

And Here's Gizmodo's!

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