Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jonathan Ross to Work for FREE in Halo 3???

Bad Voice over actor! BAD!!!

I have a hard enough time convincing people that video game VO is worth more than scale, and here comes an established animation actor GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE!?!?!

"British chat-show host Jonathan Ross is reported to be a big videogames fan, especially of the halo variety, and as such is voicing one of the bad guys in upcoming blockbuster title Halo 3.
Bungie have kept the alien's details under wraps, but it is understood
that the showbiz star - who is under contract with the BBC until 2010
with an £18 million contract - is to lend his voicing talents
for free."

Though I kinda love this pic of him. Like he's already apologizing to me for being such a punk.


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