Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Central Jersey Music Studios Trying to Avoid Sounds of Silence

Story out of the Courier News,

I'm sure this isn't just localized to NJ, but this is a pretty decent write up of the challenges facing media engineers. We've already witnessed the de-valuing of qualified computer technicians thanks to Geek Squad and the like. I fear the same thing could happen to recording engineers if they don't pay attention to whats going on around them. Media diversification and ease of equipment acquisition are going to make the "market place" extremely competitive.

"There are a lot of advantages of recording
in the home," said Lambertville-based singer-songwriter John Sonntag.
"I can do a lot of tracking here while keeping a budget in line. Trying
to make a living as a musician is tough, but in the digital world, it
becomes a possibility."Sonntag
also is one of a growing number of area home-studio owners who are
opening their basements, garages or closets to other musicians who want
to document their craft at minimal expense.
a result, professional studios now find themselves needing to turn up
the volume of their own advantages -- to avoid the risk of fading out.
legendary New York studios such as The Hit Factory and Sony Music
Studios -- recording home of some of the biggest-selling albums and
artists of all time -- have closed within the past two years.
always been a challenge for (professional recording studios) to
survive, and this is just another thing added to the mix," said Matt
Ballister, owner and head engineer of MJB Recording in Union."I
get some bands in, and if I charge them $40 an hour, they ask me to do
it for $30 an hour. If I charge $30 an hour, they ask for $20 an hour.
And if I say I can't do it, they're like, 'I'll just go to my friend's
house and do it at his home studio.' "

"I just tell them, 'Go ahead.' "

Read the rest here.

One nice thing about the article is I stumbled upon a great blog. GarageSpin has more of a music focus, but is chock full of excellent info. You should check it out!

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