Friday, July 20, 2007

Charting the $480 billion US spectrum giveaway

A story out of Ars Technica,
I can't say I'm surprised that our federal government would practically give away air worth billions of dollars. They've demonstrated time and again, that they have no working knowledge of, do not value, and seem to fear anything remotely "techie".
A report on spectrum lobbying from the New America Foundation argues that the FCC has given away up to $480 billion in spectrum rights since 1993. Here's how taxpayers are being cheated.

"The giveaway that Snider's talking about isn't a massive grant of free spectrum to corporate interests; instead, it's something much more subtle and far more difficult for the public to understand. To understand why Snider considers this a "giveaway," let's first look at the difference between the amount of money the government has actually received for licenses since 1993 and the amount of money that such licenses are worth."

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Here's hoping a good chunk of air goes to Google in 2009....

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