Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why New Music Doesn't Sound As Good As Older Music

Winning the loudness war! With state of the art compression, we think nothing of boosting the "Loudness" of our tunes now. Unfortunately that can really hurt what we're trying to help...

I've actually had this argument with a couple clients. A few in particular love using tons of compression. It makes their voices sound full and rich and loud. Problem is that unless the audition is played on pro monitors with a lot of tolerance, instead played, on say, crappy speakers built into an LCD, then the audition is going to sound garbage. It'll sound muddy or distorted, and more than likely the person listening will reach for the volume knob.

If they're already reaching for the volume, why not reach for a skip track button?

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And here's a practical example from the linked article showing what kind of damage can occur by making things "loud".


  1. Have you watched Bob Costas in the NBC Olympics Studio? I assume they did some modern acoustic control and a properly instaaled HVAC system in their construction....

    It sounds like they are using infinite : 1 ratios on the "talent" microphones.

    I watched the interview last night with the president and it was very apparent that you could hear the breaths as loud as the words.

    You could also hear the Air Conditioning humming between long pauses before the expander clamped down.

    This was on the NBC HD primary broadcast which generally has good dynamic range on my cable system, so I know it was at the Beijing origination point.

    So Sad.


  2. Dang! LOL!
    That kinda sucks.

    Truthfully I've given up on TV coverage, and have been catching most everything online.

    Wiki for online Olympics coverage.