Saturday, May 19, 2007

Audiobooks Are Getting Hip!

Two quick stories for ya'll in this post.

The first is from Business Week, about the Netflix of audiobooks, Simply Audiobooks.

"Today, the 47-employee Toronto-based company is the most successful independent player in the online audiobook rental market. That market consists of about 10 independent players, including and, that compete with mainstream book publishers like Random House as well as offline mom-and-pops operating in brick-and-mortar locations."

Check it out here.

The second is from Open Culture about audiobook pricing becoming more sensible.
"Until recently, the book world applied an irrational logic to downloadable audiobooks and podcasts. As we noted back in February, the paper version of the bestselling business book, The Long Tail, ran consumers $16.47 on Amazon. And yet the cheaper-to-produce audio version implausibly amounted to $31.95 on iTunes and $27.99 on Audible. Did it make sense? Hardly!"
Check it out here.
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