Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recording: Cheap(!) and Easy(?) has a great article on LCD Soundsystem's new album 'Sound of Sliver', and how it was recorded in an unusual locale. With audio gear coming down in price, a lot of pro studios are having a harder time justifying their prices, and a lot of bands are moving to unconventional recording areas.

We've been facing the same thing in VO-land. Because it's easy to punch a USB mic into the front of your iMac, and paste some music behind your voice, doesn't mean that you can cut a demo that shows off your vocal skill. Even some of our more recognizable talent have fallen for the "my friend's an Audio Engineer" ruse, and have paid good money for demos that have been put together poorly, are way to long, or just sound awful.

Sending auditions in remotely can be trying as well. We rep people all over the country, but currently only a handful have really taken the time to understand the technology, and what will make their voice sound the best. Oddly enough those that have worked it out also seem to work more often than those that just dump an mp3 from the mic built into their laptop....Hmmmm... Odd...

I agree with a lot of the comments on the Idolator post, that owning mics and Pro-Tools doesn't mean you know how to use them, but with how often I see people jamming their white ear buds (which are REALLY bad for you btw, but thats another post) to tunes that are probably at best 192Kbps mp3, I think most of the current audience doesn't really care what their music sounds like.

It's exciting that recording is decentralizing, but it makes me nervous as I do care what my audio sounds like... and it's what I do for a living...

LCD Soundsystem is playing to A Mouse, A Mouse (
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