Sunday, March 18, 2007

You KNOW you're a Geek When... SmartPhone Edition!

I promise this will be loosely related to audio in some small way...

So you know you're a geek when you look at the back of your phone and think "I could do better".

If you haven't figured it out by now I'm a gadget fanatic, and my current weapon of choice is the PPC-6700 smartphone from Sprint. I've been a Windows Mobile fan since the iPaq 3650 (or I could just say "for a while now" I guess), and when it comes to versatility there's nothing better out there right now (in the USA of course, but that's another post).

Full QWERTY keyboard, slider touch screen, highspeed data, this phone gets a lot of things right for a data device. The one thing this phone fails at is ... well ... being a phone. One of the main problems with it is the main speaker on the back isn't very loud. I've tried boosting the volume of the ringtones and alerts, but if the phone is in my back pocket I still might miss a call or email. This also means that the speakerphone setting on this phone is near useless, and the only way I could talk on the phone was with an ear piece.

The problem though isn't that the speaker is under powered, it's that the speaker is covered ... by plastic ... and a vanity mirror ... to take pictures of yourself ... and I'm kinda funky looking ... so I tend not to do that ... very much ... [ahem]

But no longer!

An electric drill, some super fine sandpaper, the mesh from some busted headphones, and about 2 hours of labor (hey I went slow, I love this phone), and voilĂ , Better phone! Extreme Makeover style! ... OK not quite but still, I am an AUDIO engineer...

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

I know it IS sexy!
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