Monday, July 22, 2013

Salt Lake City! We're On Our Way! August 10th - Voice Over Workshop With The Director's Playhouse!

We had a fantastic time in Seattle despite Southwest Airlines borking our travel plans. A wonderful group of passionate performers had us on tap to talk all things VO for an entire day. I was asked some of the most interesting questions of my teaching career, and thanks to a lack of sleep, it might have been the most candid I've ever been in answering. 

We're really excited to be following up this workshop so soon with a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. The Director's Playhouse has hosted events there before, but this will be my first trip to the state. David Earnest and I will be joined by Portia Scott-Hicks, the lead VO agent at Coast to Coast Talent Group. 

For $199, participants will have total access to three individuals who represent a wide reach of the voice over industry. David is a wonderful instructor, and has terrific insights on the nature of voice acting. Portia is a savvy talent agent, representing a great group of performers at CtC. Plus you all know I don't pull any punches discussing voice over. It'll be a great way for beginners and professionals alike to get frank and honest discussion on not only performance, but also the business of VO. What it takes to work in this industry.

Salt Lake is GO for August 10th. If you're in the area, we hope to see you there, and we always appreciate the discussion and sharing on your social network of choice. We're working hard at bringing this workshop to more cities soon. The more noise we can generate, the faster we can step up these opportunities. 

For more information, and to register, hit the link below!


  1. JB--I am so glad you will be back for the EWABS show on Monday, Aug 12--6pm pac/9pm eastern...We are excited to see you on
    East West AUDIO Body Shop with George Whittam and Dan Lenard !!