Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SomeAudioGuy Mail Bag: About Your Fat Head Review...

I got this email from Scully about my review of the Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone.
Hello,Just listened to your audio sample of the Fat Head II. It definitely sounds fat. I'm wondering how far away you can be without sounding far away. How far were you from the microphone when you recorded that?Thanks.~Scully 
My cascade review was pretty raw, and I had to move the mic out of my recording space and into my living room, which was messy at the time which is why I didn't shoot pics or video of the set up.
The FatHead was about 8 inches away from face mounted high (edge of the mic almost up to my eyebrows) and angled down aiming towards my chest. About three feet behind the mic I set up a packing blanket just to catch a little of the echo (but you can still hear a little of the ceiling ring).

How far you can get away from the mic will depend on where you're recording, and how hot your preamp is. In a large, REALLY well treated booth, hooked up to a loud solid state pre (like say a Grace m101) and backed up by a line activator, you could probably get away with a foot.

To get closer you'd need to tweak EQ, roll off some mid and low. I don't know that I would recommend getting closer than 3-4 inches though, as at that distance even a pop screen wont stop all puffs of air, and you risk damaging the ribbon over time.

Hope that helps, and thanks for reading!

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