Friday, May 13, 2011

A Fun Evening At The Voice Over Work Out Lounge!

I was honored when Roy Samuelson invited me to be a guest speaker/director for his Voice Over Workout Lounge. The VOWOL mission is to provide actors a safe place to play and workout, with guest speakers, in a fantastic recording/production facility.

I had a blast!

I’ve often found Thursday night workout groups to be a little problematic (quick tangent: why do so many actor workout groups take place on Thursdays?), it’s so late in the week that people are often already set to check out for the weekend, and I completely understand. After working during the day, it’s sometimes a bit much to ask someone to further challenge themselves at night.

I’m really glad that the VOWOL folks were game. It makes the evening flow so much more smoothly. They were curious, asking questions, taking notes, ready to play, and ready to be directed.

They kept me on my toes too. I fielded questions on mic/recording technique, casting expectations, script analysis, and performance method.

Big thanks to Tony, Craig, Iris, Susan, Stephanie, Wendy, Dean, and of course Roy for a fun night, and major shout out to Soundelux in Hollywood for the use of their fantastic facility and providing Justin the Engineer who was great to work with!

Can’t wait to do it again!
I got to hang out with the fine folks at the Voice Over Work Out Lounge, a REALLY fun evening working out some VO peeps!

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