Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank You RecordingHacks! I Won a Ribbon Mic!!!

Matt McGlynn over at shares my fetish for microphones, and has created one of the most comprehensive databases of microphone info on the internet.

He's giving away a microphone a month for all of 2011, and I was the first winner!

Coming soon, to an AudioGuy near you, is the Cascade Fathead II Ribbon Microphone (with optional Lundahl transformer) and a Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator (to give that ribbon a little phantom power boost).

I'm disgustingly excited, as I've had very little opportunity to mess around with ribbons over the course of my career, so I'm stoked to share my experiences with you guys!

Matt has already posted details for his February giveaway, and it looks to be a MONSTER of a multi pattern LDC, the Lewitt LCT-640! I'll politely sit this one out so the rest of you can have a shot at winning...

Make sure you check out RecordingHacks for mic info, and you can also follow Matt on Twitter as @RecordingHacks!

*** UPDATE ***
They arrived!

I can't wait to break them in!

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