Monday, July 19, 2010

A Voice Over Historical Landmark - The Voicecaster Demo Wall

In downtown beautiful Burbank...

The Voicecaster is the oldest (and one of the most respected) voice over casting facilities in California, and it's still being run from the same modest (rustic) building Bob Lloyd started the business in 35 years ago.

The most talked about feature of the building however is the Voicecaster Demo Wall. A collection of interesting looking demos from successful voice talent literally taped and glued to the wall. Also, heading back to the VC office, you can still see the library of reel-to-reel cases the casting directors used to use to select talent for auditions.

It's a charming display of our roots, and in this day and age of digital distribution, a little sad that we don't put the same flair into showcasing our demos anymore...


  1. I absolutely love the demo wall. My father took me a few years ago and as an aspiring producer, it really meant a lot to me. Keep up the great work with your blog!

  2. Thanks!
    Who is your Father? Is he on the wall?

  3. Great blog post! It's amazing and sad how far we've come with demo reels. With an MP3 there's no room for cover art and the use of CDs seem to be dissipating as well.

  4. Thanks J.
    I think I had to post it because there's still talk every now and then about taking it down. I really hope they decide not to (though it could stand to be cleaned up a little)...